How to run services.msc as administrator

In one of the earlier posts Run an application as administrator in windows I had mentioned how to run an application as administrator. Here is another case why one would need to do such a thing. If you log on to windows through Remote Desktop using a user with non-administrative rights, you are likely to see the following picture:

As you can see above the buttons to start, stop & pause services is disabled, and it becomes difficult to manipulate any services.

Here is a rip-off from Microsoft Technet:

Microsoft® Management Console (MMC) is an ISV-extensible, common presentation service for management applications

MMC provides a common host environment for snap-ins, provided by Microsoft and third party software vendors. Snap-ins provide the actual management behavior; MMC itself does not provide any management functionality. The MMC environment provides for seamless integration between snap-ins

services.msc is one such snap-in which is executed within the Microsoft Management Console. So it is now clear that in order to have the service control functions enabled, one must load services.msc as an administrator. The following steps will guide you:

1. Execute runas /user:administrator mmc on the command prompt

2. Go to File->Add/Remove Snap-in…,select Services and add to the console

You will now be able to see the service manipulation buttons enabled!

Once this is done, you may ask why not log in as administrator through Remote Desktop itself? Well, logically yes, but there are some circumstances under which this is required! I will explain that some time later! In the mean time you may want to chew on the error ”Because of a protocol error, this session will be disconnected. Please try connecting to the remote computer again.” on Windows 2008. This error was the reason for my workaround of creating a different user!

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